Writing Example – Dec. 6th, 2020

“The Others” By Tim Hargraves

Chapter One

Looking back, we had obvious warnings, even from our President.  The chaos started in the larger cities.  We could mostly only watch what was occurring via alternative online sources as the main media outlets seemed to ignore the violence.  We had been running from an invisible virus since the early part of the year of which no one seemed to know where it came from or how it was spread.  Paper masks had become mandatory to stop the spread.  It was initially a two-week nationwide shutdown we were told was required to flatten the curve.  However, it continued…

By late Spring, the protests were occurring daily.  The protesters initially used police brutality as their reason.  However, nightly they often transformed to violence and rioting in the name of anti-fascism.  Another group soon emerged, The Proud Boys. They were an opposition group showing support for the U.S. flag, and law enforcement, and the President, yet they were called racists by the media and attacked all while local law enforcement and the establishment looked on showing no interest in keeping order.  The damage from fires and vandalism was in the millions.  There were murders and attacks on the streets on a scale never seen in this country. 

The elections had been chaotic and voting fraud had been proven in multiple states across the U.S., yet instead of the citizens uniting it was used as another wedge in our society.  The national news and big tech social networks only fueled the fire by not covering this content on their platforms.  Those who wanted non-biased information were forced to find underground media alternatives.  Those who publicly discussed their opinions that were opposing the national news were shamed and censored from various big tech platforms. 

Then, it was here, just in time to cancel Thanksgiving family gatherings.  I was not able to see my father for his 81st birthday for fear of infecting him.  The second wave they had been warning us about was upon us. Most of the population, even the Patriots, were mostly complacent, not fully appreciating the seriousness as to what was coming.  Many simply did not want to believe even though it came as a direct warning from the President numerous times.  He too was soon silenced.    

Lately, the national news has been sharing incredible stories as to how well the vaccine is working.  Even showing the great cruise lines sailing again for those with the card.  Although, the sounds of ambulances are constant throughout the day and so many friends and family members are dying at a rate much higher than what occurred in 2020.  It seems to me to be higher in those who had already taken the first dose of the vaccine.  We try to keep some faith in the national news as most alternative media outlets have been blocked by service providers due to “misleading virus information.”

Unfortunately, we rarely here from “The Others,” the ones who decided to evade the vaccine altogether by going out on their own.  I have had a few calls from payphones in remote locations as they had to destroy their RFID chipped cell phones for fear of being tracked.  Many lost their health insurance benefits not accepting the vaccine.  There are a few locally who wander at night seemingly like zombies.  We are supposed to report them although I often place leftover food scraps near the dumpster before “Nightfall.” 

Nightfall is the time we close windows and lock our doors.  We cannot be on our porches or balconies.   Nightfall is enforced by any means necessary to help control the spread.  The sounds of police sirens and distant gun fire can be heard most evenings.  It is a disturbingly eerie time as we all pray for Spring.

After the virus mutated, pets became susceptible to being infected and spreading the virus.  Pet owners in most areas were required to take their animals to special holding shelters to get chipped, kept on site, and returned to the owners in a few months after the wave has passed.  Some have kept their animals without authorization which risks severe fines and jail time for doing so.  I am hoping this wave ends soon as promised so we can return to some form of normalcy.

It finally happened…   I was awoken around 3:00 a.m. by the commotion outside.  I looked out the window and there were three white FEMA busses in the parking lot.  Then I noticed armed men with masks were beating on doors requesting immunization cards.   By the time I got my pants on, BAM, BAM, BAM, they were beating on my door…

All our keepsakes are likely gone, my son’s knife collection, our pictures, it was all left to be ravaged as the entire complex was emptied and no one left to guard our property.  Looking out the pre-dawn, rain-soaked bus windows, unsure as to where we were being taken, I was immediately reminded of the horrific images from Auschwitz, of the little boys then seeing my son’s face instead of theirs.  One of the guards informed us we are headed to a health camp a few hours away. 

Any belongings we managed to bring with us, including our cell phones, were confiscated, sealed in hazmat bags to be returned to us once we complete our camp stay.  I have no way to notify my parents or any idea as to how long I will be gone.  Sitting in this cold bus seat, surrounded by crying, scared children, I am overwhelmed with frustration and guilt for not doing more to help inform others as to what was coming. 

Then I experience a short feeling of relief appreciating the fact my son was safe at his mother’s house this weekend.  This fades immediately with the horrific fear wondering:
How long before they come for him?
How scared he will be?
Will it give him some hope believing his daddy will come save him as he had always done?…   

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